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Original peep video purchase process

【1】 buy online download products, first need to register as a member, click on the registration (please keep a good account password, payment will be sent to this account after the download address)

【2】 Browse the store or the left category, select the products you want to buy (the product is marked with the DVD cover map, RMB prices, film details and other information, paid to download the DVD original complete transcoding video)

【3】 Add products to the shopping cart, you can increase or delete the purchased products, check the amount of confirmation after purchase click on the settlement into the payment process (to meet the conditions of the discount coupons are available)

【4】 into the payment information interface, you need to accurately fill in your e-mail address, so that we have problems in case of failure to send a timely download address to you, select the right “paypal” – ”

【5】 to enter the payment interface – show your order number, date, amount, please record their spare, below the show our paypal account information, then we have received your order request, just pay the appropriate amount Payments can be made

【6】 successful payment into the download address to get the interface, we confirm your money has been credited into account, the background will automatically download your product to download the address to send to your website account, return to view and start the download

【7】 voyeur videos Download the link permanently stored in our cloud network hard drive, the downloaded file encryption password decompression, decompression is complete access to the DVD original complete transcoding video, which usually requires you to use the computer to complete the operation