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How to use the promotional code

Add the product to be purchased to the shopping cart, confirm the order to enter the settlement page, such as the purchase of more than $ 250 dollars, you can type in the box 200dj, the system automatically deduct.

Input 200dj deduction is successful

Completed waiting for payment

promotion code:

One-time payment or recharge $ 250 minus $ 50, code: 200dj

One-time payment or recharge $ 500 minus $ 125, code: 500dj

One-time purchase or recharge $ 1250 minus $ 375, code: 1500dj

One-time purchase or recharge $ 2,500 minus $ 875, code: 3500dj

One-time purchase or recharge $ 5,000 minus $ 2,000, code: 8000dj


3. Each order to meet the preferential conditions can only use a promotional code, not superimposed use, special products can not use the preferential code

4. One-time recharge or payment amount of the greater the greater the concessions, the premise to add products in the shopping cart, billing into the payment interface online orders, effective