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Download mode&speed

1.Preferred download mode:Normally we use Baidu disk storage file, other countries users can use IDM high-speed download, Applies to most Asian countries, such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other countries.


2.Alternate mode 1:If you do not use Baidu SkyDrive to download, and belong to Europe or the Americas, it does not matter, alternate download mode can help you, as long as we send a message to inform you have successful payment and send the purchase products to us, we will use the way to upload attachments sent to you, you can use IDM to download access to our mail accessories, tested, very fast.

the IDM download tool

3.If you can not download e-mail attachments, we will use the alternate way finally: use MEGA.NZ to re upload the file to you, it takes a lot of time, is not recommended, but as soon as we receive the payment, finally, no matter in what ways will help you complete the download, enjoy high-quality customer service, thank you.

Note: whether you choose to download, please keep close communication with us as far as possible, which is very helpful for us to understand and apply your network status, we mail, welcome your visit!

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