User agreement

1.Users of other countries, please note: the use of PayPal transactions, all the documents on the payment open to download, on behalf of you are a natural person with ability to reject any form of return or replacement.
2.We hope you are a honest buyer if you have successfully downloaded, that our transaction is safe and reliable, but this does not prevent some malicious buyers unreasonable refund request. this case we have to use judicial procedure to inform you where the state police, the case is there, and the parties have been punished, we do not want to see similar things happen, our money will come back.

4.if you have the intention, then please leave, please do not ignore the background of technical and legal means of our.

5.The store is lower than the official 2-9 offer discount for low price sales, with little profit.In order to prevent outflow, the video contains the watermark bar code of the station, does not affect the viewing, please accept this money after purchase.
6.Please do not buy the watermark without receiving the watermark, or the money will not be refunded

Please use your paypal mailbox to register the member, the consignee and the receiving address to be exactly the same with the paypal information.

payment of large orders will be shipped within 48 hours, please inform us by e-mail whether the download is completed.


A recent case:
A South Korean buyer (here barely called a buyer, actually a liar) purchased $ 45 to download the product, product number JG-273, but he claimed that would not use the download function, so we seriously replied for him alone Open e-mail download, through 5 hours of hard work, and finally succeeded in getting him to the purchase of the document. But it was just for six days that he had applied for a refund at paypal, and we made it clear that no refund was allowed after the download was made, but he still tried to break the legal and moral bottom line. We immediately to paypal complaints against the buyer, to provide the necessary evidence, the results of less than 3 hours paypal review staff will return the funds to us, and told us that paypal has been marked for this buyer malicious credit records, the buyer later When online shopping or using paypal, other sellers will receive a reminder of his malicious credit record and advise us to add this buyer to the blacklist.

In this also remind other people with ulterior motives, please do not imitate the case, which will only reduce your credit rating, was cast aside by the world, and this will pay a series of costs, the most important thing is the moral bottom line was destroyed Make up, and finally we will get the protection of the law.

The following is the paypal reviewer reply, our money has returned to the account, sorry for this liar conspiracy failed to succeed